Aman Dixit

Aman Dixit

IT Recruiter

Aman Dixit has worked in IT Recruitment for 3 years. Their career started in Kanpur, India where they worked at Golden Resource as a IT recruiter.

Since then, Aman has gain core knowledge about this industry and learned by mistakes, this consist of accomplishments and achievements. Besides 3 years with Golden, I used to work in B.P.O. industry for 3 years).

Aman is passionate about Bike Riding and Food. Since, I am passionate about riding motorcycle so as this passion drives me to work fast at my work and give my best with no time. Also when I get stressed out I usually go for a drive to release my stress and same happens at my work too as I work more harder when I get stressed.

Specialties: I always try to learn about IT industry to get more experties, which helps to grow my carrier. Since this industry requires patience and I think I have enough because I don’t loose, no matter what.

Specific areas of expertise: I am a very good cook , good listener , love to ride bikes and passionate about work.

Involvement/Groups/etc: As you know I run a small business, so my involvement goes to gyms and fitness related fields.