Arjun Mishra

Arjun Mishra

Sr. I.T. Recruiter

Arjun is a young & dynamic MBA graduate with an Experience working over the last several years filling positions in corporate environments.

Arjun has worked in IT Staffing and Solutions for 3+ years. His career started in the year 2011 at Kanpur where he worked at R.R. Infosolutions as a CCE.

Since then, Arjun has successfully met the Company’s expectations and Client’s needs. He has been proactive in delivery of results and has always been cooperative towards his colleagues and adherent to his work culture and environment.

Arjun is passionate about Technology and Social Networking. With his job he has always kept a keen eye over the changing and ever developing Technological environment. He also has been successful in establishing long term professional relationships during his career.

Specialties: I.T. Staffing, Recruiting, Resourcing

Specific areas of expertise: Talent Acquisition, Networking, Coordinating