Golden Technology Brand Guidelines

This simple kit is for using the Golden Technology logo in conjunction with our trademark guidelines.

Developing People. Driving Innovation.

Our Brand Story

At Golden Technology, our mission is to develop people, empower families, and drive innovation through impactful opportunities.


“We are not on this planet for profit margin or net income. We here to serve a higher calling by serving others and making the world a little better.” – Brian Marcum, Founder & Chairman

Golden Technology Core Values

Core Values

Empower Empathy

We prioritize people by embracing humility, empowering others, fostering empathy, and encouraging open communication.

Uphold Absolute Truth

We value genuineness and build trust by always striving to uphold the truth in all our interactions.

Exceed Expectations

We are driven, confident, and committed to excellence. We execute with precision and embrace challenges to consistently exceed expectations.

Foster Wholistic Growth

We foster a culture of lifelong learning, promoting positivity, fun, and curiosity. We encourage inquiry and endurance for personal and professional growth.

Focus on Legacy

We are dedicated to leaving a lasting impact. We prioritize enjoyment, positivity, and having fun while building a legacy for future generations.

Logo and Brand Assets

Using our logo

At Golden Technology, our logo is a source of immense pride for us. We kindly request that you adhere to these guidelines to ensure its consistent and optimal presentation. Our emblem is a harmonious blend of a clean, modern wordmark and a distinct icon


We have 4 primary colors: orange, blue, green, and charcoal. Use the orange when communicating about the IT staffing industry, the blue when referring to the foundation charity,  the green for application devlopment, and the yellow for test engineering. The charcoal will be used for any contrasting color. 

RGB: 252 / 158 / 79

CMYK: 0 / 45 / 76 / 0

Hex: #fc9e49

RGB: 69 / 124 / 143

CMYK: 76 / 41 / 34 / 5

Hex: #457c8f

RGB: 141 / 179 / 139

CMYK: 48 / 15 / 54 / 0

Hex: #8db38b

RGB: 221 / 189 / 112

CMYK: 0 / 14 / 49 / 13

Hex: #DDBD70

RGB: 58 / 58 / 58

CMYK: 69 / 62 / 61 / 52

Hex: #3a3a3a

RGB: 235 / 235 / 235

CMYK: 7 / 5 / 5 / 0

Hex: #ebebeb


Josephin Sans is our brand typeface. We only use it in weights 300, 400 and 700.

Josephin Sans Bold 700

Suitable for headings


Josephin Sans Regular 400

Suitable for headings and paragraphs


Josephin Sans Light 300

Suitable for headings, buttons or paragraphs


Golden Technology Trademark Guidelines

Golden Technology’s Trademark Guidelines (the “Guidelines”) are designed to assist our partners, licensees, and other authorized third parties (collectively, “You”) in understanding the correct usage of Golden Technology’s brand assets. These include Golden Technology logos, trademarks, service marks, and any other word, name, phrase, image, or other designation that identifies the source or origin of any of Golden Technology’s products or services (“Golden Technology Brand Assets”). You are allowed to use the Golden Technology Brand Assets strictly in line with these Guidelines and the Golden Technology Style Guide above. Any usage of the Golden Technology Brand Assets that contradicts the Guidelines or Style Guide is strictly forbidden. Golden Technology holds the right to revise or update the Guidelines and Style Guide at its sole discretion whenever necessary.

The Golden Technology Brand Assets are valuable intellectual property of Golden Technology. By using or referencing any Golden Technology Brand Asset, you agree to adhere to the Guidelines and the Golden Technology User Terms of Service. You also acknowledge that Golden Technology is the sole owner of the Golden Technology Brand Assets, and you agree not to dispute or interfere with Golden Technology’s rights in its Brand Assets. Additionally, you agree that all goodwill derived from the usage of the Golden Technology Brand Assets accrues solely to the benefit of Golden Technology. We may review the usage of our Brand Assets at any time, and we reserve the right to terminate or modify any permissions granted by Golden Technology.

If you have a separate written agreement with Golden Technology, such as a Golden Technology Global Community Program Agreement, Golden Technology Together Agreement, or any other partnership agreement, that agreement may contain different or additional terms relating to the use of the Golden Technology Brand Assets. If so, please follow the specific guidelines in your agreement in addition to these Guidelines. In case of any difference between these terms, the specific guidelines in your agreement will prevail.

Golden Technology Brand Assets

For clarity, the Golden Technology Brand Assets encompass both registered and unregistered trademarks and service marks of Golden Technology. This includes the Golden Technology word mark, the Golden Technology vertical logo and horizontal logo, the Golden Technology logo composed of a 5 section globe used in conjunction with the Golden Technology word mark, and other Golden Technology slogans and taglines. Golden Technology, the Golden Technology logo, and their combinations are trademarks of Golden Technology, Inc. and may be registered in the United States and/or other jurisdictions. 

How to Use (And How Not to Use) Golden Technology Brand Assets

You may only use the Golden Technology Brand Assets in their most current form as provided by Golden Technology in the Golden Technology Style Guide above and in accordance with these Guidelines, including the do’s and don’t’s outlined below:

Do not use the Golden Technology Brand Assets as part of any of your own trademarks, logos, company names, icons, product or feature names, domain names, social media handles, or avatars. For example, do not physically combine or intermingle any Golden Technology Brand Assets with your own trademarks or logo; they must remain separate.

Do not modify the Golden Technology Brand Assets in any way, including by changing any colors or dimensions, obstructing or printing over any part of the asset, or adding your own design elements.

When designing your own website and marketing materials, do not imitate the distinctive look and feel of any of Golden Technology’s website, apps, logos, trade dress, slogans, taglines, color scheme, icons, or marketing materials. Also, do not register or use a domain name that incorporates “Golden Technology” or any confusingly similar term in the domain name itself.

Do not use any Golden Technology Brand Asset in a damaging or derogatory way, or in connection with any social media or website that violates any law or Golden Technology’s User Terms of Service.

Trademarks are adjectives; be careful when using any Golden Technology trademark in text. Refrain from using any Golden Technology trademark as a noun or verb, or in a plural or possessive form. For example, you can use the Golden Technology trademark as an adjective followed by the appropriate noun identifying the relevant product or service (e.g., “the Golden Technology® collaboration work management platform”).

When you reference Golden Technology, your reference must clearly and accurately indicate your relationship to Golden Technology.

Do not use the Golden Technology Brand Assets in a way that suggests or implies sponsorship or endorsement by Golden Technology, or any affiliation with Golden Technology, including but not limited to making the Golden Technology Brand Assets larger or more prominently placed than your own house brand or trademark.

If you have questions about these Guidelines or the proper use of the Golden Technology Brand Assets, please contact [email protected].