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With over twenty-five years of industry experience, Brian has been a successful innovator, leader, and entrepreneur in the IT Services Industry.

Brian’s passion is to offer customers excellence while empowering his team and organization. Through digitizing the world, we can increase revenue, reduce expenses and provide a high quality of life for clients and associates.

Brian believes that relationships are why we are on this planet. By building lifelong relationships with his team, his clients, and his family, he can become a better person and help others to do the same along the way.

Brian enjoys spending time with his wife and raising his three daughters. He plays an active role in his church and serves as the Vice-Chairman of Cincinnati Christian Schools. If he is not working, he is either with his family, school, church, or the outdoors.

“We are not on this planet for profit margin or net income. We here to serve a higher calling by serving others and making the world a little better around you.”

Brian Marcum


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