Utilizing our time, talent, and treasures to serve others.

Giving back to the local community.

This is who we are.

Introducing Golden Community:

A New Concept

Golden Technology is built to delight our clients and consultants while leaving this planet better than when we found it. 

We believe that we have been given the gifts of our skills and resources to serve our supporting communities.


Our Commitment

Our objective is to utilize a percentage of our profits, time and talents to serve others and change lives by equipping the disadvantaged with the tools to find independence.

If we can all leverage technology to improve quality of life, our mission will be complete.

volunteers with garbage bags cleaning park area

The Golden 10

  • Empower

    Equip your teammates & clients with the necessary tools to succeed.

  • Empathy

    Love others by valuing their opinions with warmth and respect.

  • Excellence

    Do the job better than others

  • Execute

    Don’t stop until it is complete. No distractions

  • Entrust

    Build the confidence and authority in others to lead.

  • Encourage

    Inspire others to do great things.

  • Embrace

    Take ownership for daily challenges and face them head on.

  • Enquire

    First seek to understand.

  • Endure

    Hold strong in storms

  • Enjoy

    Life is about having fun