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Candidate Referral Program

Program Summary

This program has been designed to support and encourage referrals by individuals assigned to projects at Golden Technology Clients in an effort to attract the highest quality candidates for our customers. The referral must be submitted following the designated guidelines and the hired referred candidate must be employed by Golden Technology within 6 months of our receipt of the referral (and continuously billable) for a minimum of 320 hours.

Definition of Referral

It must be a direct, personal referral to qualify for the referral fee. (Providing a Golden Technology representative with lists, directories, company information and the like will not qualify for a referral fee). Third-party consulting or direct placement agencies are not eligible for the referral fees. All submitting parties must be an individual with first-hand knowledge of the referral.

Participant Eligibility

Past and present consultants of Golden Technology clients, both C2C and W2, may refer candidates; Golden Technology employees are not eligible for this non-employee program but could be eligible for the Employee Referral Program.

Due to possible conflict of interest issues, employees of government entities or individuals prohibited by their employer from receiving such referral payments are not eligible to participate in this program.

The program may be terminated or changed at any time by company management.

In the case of multiple referrals of the same person, the earliest referral will be accepted.

Employment agencies and their employees are not allowed to participate in this program.

Candidate Eligibility

Candidates must interview for and accept an offer of employment for an hourly position with Golden Technology within 6 months of Golden Technology’s receipt of the referral.

Candidates must not currently be employed, or previously employed within the past 24 months by Golden Technology.

Additionally, individuals currently working as an on-site subcontracted consultant at Golden Technology are not eligible candidates.

Individuals who have applied directly for employment with Golden Technology or have been in contact with a recruiter from Golden Technology in the last 24 months are not eligible.

Individuals who are represented by a third-party recruiter are not eligible.

Management reserves the right to reject any submitted candidate for any reason.

How do I submit a referral?

Submit a referral by filling in the fields at the top of this page and clicking Submit.

A Golden Technology representative will check our internal candidate database and will let you know if your candidate meets the eligibility guidelines.

If you submit a resume for your referral, you must obtain written consent from the referred individual and you may be asked to show proof of consent.

Once your submittal is approved your candidate will be contacted by a Golden Technology recruiter.

How do I receive the referral fee?

A referral must complete 320 billable hours before a referral fee is issued. If this is not met, the referral fee will be automatically terminated – there are no partial fees.

Once the 320 billable hour employment period has been met, Golden Technology will contact you to complete and sign a W-9 form (Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification). You will be issued a 1099-NEC form at the end of the year for all referral fee payments, as “Non-Employee Compensation”, which you will need to report and file with your taxes.

The referral fee amount will be up to $1500.00 (subject to approval) and paid approximately 30 days after the candidate has completed 320 billable hours for Golden Technology. No fee will be paid until Golden Technology has received a completed W-9 form.