Mridul Mishra

Mridul Mishra

US IT Recruiter

Mridul Mishra has worked in Staffing and Recruitment for 1 year. Their career started in Kanpur, India where I worked at [Golden Technology] as different roles i.e. [Recruiter; Sr. Recruiter]

Since 2019, Saurabh has achieved and accomplished so many things which have made him Self dependent and professionally grounded, it’s been 1 year with Golden and learned a lot about this industry and tried every possible thing to give my best and will continue with the same.

Mridul is passionate about Work and Adventures. Since work is my passion whether at my office or my personal home stuff. I always document everything and keep those in my mind until I complete them, like I participate in any adventure or like to be at such places. Other personal interest includes: - [Playing Guitar/Reading, driving, swimming, listening to music, sometimes sings too, also play different games at times which can pass my time]

Specialties: Like to teach or knowledge transfer to anyone who needs; Like to document/pen down task to complete on time. Plan my day and work accordingly. Like to watch videos which can teach me to grow my skills. Other comes at random.

Specific areas of expertise: Pretty much what I mentioned above in (Specialties Paragraph). Else I try to find my expertise in different areas. I think, I can take through the entire process of IT Recruitment to those who required by going on ground “ZERO” and teach them in laymen/simple language to make them understand.

Involvement/Groups/etc.: Like to watch news around and get myself updated/Visa’s related groups.