The Emerging Hybrid Work Model

hybrid work model

The world has changed a lot since the spring of 2020. From required masks to temperature checks, everyone faced and worked through a set of challenges they had never seen before. 

Working remotely was a brand new challenge that many of America’s workforce faced. With the globe shutting down to protect people from getting sick, businesses had no other choice than to go remote. 

You may have been someone whose office job was suddenly in your living room. With COVID-19 numbers declining, businesses are looking into an emerging hybrid work model.

In this article, we’re taking a look at what exactly a hybrid work model is and how it impacts current businesses, such as IT. 

What Is the Hybrid Work Model?

In its most basic form, the hybrid work model is one that meshes together working from home and working in the office. Every company has different opinions on what model is going to work best for them and their employees.

Let’s take a look at some of the variations that the hybrid work model can have.

Remote First

Employees would be 100% remote most of the time. There are some companies that already do this, such as content writers for online blogs or even some customer service representatives for cruise ships.

This doesn’t mean that you won’t ever see your teammates; the remote first model also includes annual company retreats and very occasional office meetings that are collaboration-based.

Occasional Office

This is the most common type of new work model seen emerging across the country because it combines working in the office with working remotely. Around 83% of employees state they prefer to work remotely.

This hybrid work model has the best of both worlds but can still come with some kinks. Make sure your company has clear guidelines and expectations established.

Office First, Remote Optional

This model is what some companies already used pre-pandemic. Employees were required to come into work, but some departments have the option of working remotely. 

This model is seen in companies where leadership doesn’t have to be on-site for work to be done. Think of warehouses, as an example. 

How IT Departments Are Being Affected

According to a survey done in 2020, 1 in 6 companies isn’t moderating their remote workers. This had led to frustrated IT departments. IT departments are having trouble diagnosing problems on their team’s home computers. 

However, this is all dependent on the company in question. Some companies are hiring completely remote IT professionals. These companies have worked out the kinks with the new hybrid work model and are thriving.

Need IT Help?

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